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What is Project Based Learning, and why is my student doing it?

With PBL, the project itself is the learning, not the "dessert" at the end.  As students and I have been planning and preparing for our projects, we've talked a lot about how what they learn about technology is the most important part!  Here are the steps we take.

Week 1: We look at and talk about the process from the back forward.  We talk first about the rubric that outlines my expectations.  You can see this rubric here for 2nd and 3rd grades, or here for 4th and 5th.

Some of the major ideas are that students learn to take initiative for their own learning - they need to be able to solve their own problems!  This really reflects our 1st habit: Be Proactive!

Week 2: We start developing some ideas for our projects.  Again, we reinforce the idea that what your student is learning about is the most important thing!  We also focus on creating achievable goals, creating high-quality work, and using our time wisely.

Week 3 and on: We continue to meet, discuss, and work on our projects.  Students must use at least 3 classes before they may turn in their project, but they are allowed to use as many as they would like to create a quality project!

I believe PBL can help empower students to reach their full potential not only in technology, but in their main classrooms and everyday lives.  PBL encourages students to teach themselves - a power that will support them throughout their entire lives.






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